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Quit Program Tools

When you sign up for the Habitrol® Canada Support Program you will have access to the following quit tools and services:

Glove Compartment

Your Glove Compartment is your quit smoking "Control Centre." Your Glove Compartment contains all of the information you need to help you quit smoking and communicate with other quitters from around the world.

Your Glove Compartment is divided into the following sections:

My Milage

Your milage shows you how you are winning your fight to stay smoke free. When you log into you Glove Compartment your milage section shows you:
  • The amount of time that you have remained smoke-free
  • The amount of money that you have saved since quitting
  • The number of cigarettes that you have not smoked since quitting
  • The life you have gained by quitting smoking
My Passport to Success

Your Passport to Success contains all of the results from the exercises that you complete as you travel the Road to Success.

By clicking on each Passport link you can review past exercises and keep your quit smoking plan "top of mind."
My Cravings Diary

Your Cravings Diary graphically illustrates your decrease in withdrawal symptoms and cravings as you progress through the first few months of your quit.

As soon as you quit smoking you experience withdrawal symptoms and cravings. At the beginning of your quit these symptoms and cravings may seem unbearable, however they do end.

The Habitrol® Cravings Diary illustrates your progress and shows you how your withdrawal symptoms and cravings actually decrease over time.


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