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Success Means Changing Behaviour

There's no doubt about it - quitting doesn't happen at once. Research scientists have found that most people try to quit seven times before they succeed, and unsuccessful quit attempts, while frustrating, are actually part of the process of quitting. But not everyone tries quitting seven times. People who seriously prepare beforehand can successfully quit smoking - even on their first try.

Your chances of quitting for good can increase if you view quitting as a journey, or a healing process that your body goes through. We suggest that you see quitting in this light rather than seeing it as an abrupt and uncomfortable change in your personal lifestyle.

This interactive and personalized program is designed to help you quit and the exercises in this program are divided into six major milestones. Think of each milestone as a destination you're trying to reach. After you complete the exercises in each milestone your car will move along the road map located at the left-hand side of your screen.

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